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What about ATV Coverage?
Do I Need Insurance and, if so, What Type?

Having adequate insurance coverage on your boat and watercraft enables you to go out and enjoy with peace of mind.You may overlook the risks of not insuring your All-Terrain Vehicle or ATV. However, many states require that if you operate your ATV on State land, you need insurance.

As is true with a snowmobile, you or your passenger may be injured on your ATV. Moreover, your vehicle may be damaged or stolen. These are all reasons to explore having insurance on your All Terrain Vehicle.

You may apply for ATV insurance premium discounts in each of the following situations:

(1) Premium discount for being a SAFE DRIVER ... claims against your ATV policy or violations on your automobile record will increase your premiums. These demonstrate preferred insurance risk.

(2) If your vehicle has a LOW DISPLACEMENT (a measure of the size of the engine or engine power) or is not considered an AGGRESSIVE machine, your premiums will be lower.

(3) Having MORE THAN ONE ATV may qualify you for a discount on your ATV premiums.

The following types of insurance are available for ATV owners: Comprehensive, Collision, Body Injury and Property Liability, as well as UNinsured or UNDERinsured Motorist. Brief descriptions follow:

BODILY INJURY AND PROPERTY LIABILITY: This type of coverage provides insurance for injury to people or others' property caused by your ATV. It also provides protection of your personal assets, up to a pre-determined limit, in the case of legal actions based upon bodily injury or property damage that you inflict while driving your ATV.

COLLISION: This type of coverage is damage sustained by your ATV itself. Due to the normal operating nature of ATVs, damage must be significant (not scratches, dents, etc.). Structural damage, typically the results of hitting another ATV, a tree, fence, or other obstacle, is covered with Collision Insurance. There is typically a deductible amount which you must pay in each instance of making a claim against your policy.

COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE: This insurance coverage is typically for non-operating-related claims ... that is, damage to your ATV not sustained during its normal use. These types of incidents include theft, fire, a flood, vandalism, or damage by an animal. There is typically a deductible amount which you must pay in each instance of making a claim. After the deductible is paid, the insurance will pay the balance of your claim.

UNINSURED AND UNDERINURED MOTORIST AND RIDER: If the person at fault in your ATV accident is uninsured or does not have adequate insurance, this type of insurance will pay for all medical bills, lost wages, etc. which are legally the responsibility of that uninsured/under-insured party. This type of insurance is typically written with an upper limit, which you may specify.


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